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2022 We Make Movies International Film Festival

+ 120 Films.
+ From Around the World.
+ Something For Everyone By A Diverse Group of Storytellers.
+ Find the Films & Filmmakers Who Speak To You.
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AutoCorrect poster final.jpg

B L O C K   T W O

S T A R T   W I T H   A   B A N G

Darcy's Game_Final Poster.png


After he’s scolded and pressured by his father to find a job, an unemployed college-dropout-turned-gamer is challenged by his step-mother to a battle of video games in an attempt to make him get a job.

Director/Writer/Producer: Hunter Fenoglio | Producer: Peter Das | Cinematographer: Nico Atler | First Assistant Director: Nate Rosado | Gaffer: Matt Bordman | On-Set Mixer/Boom Operator: Emerson Cole | Editor: Serge Martinenko | Colorist: Roy Sun | Composer: Chris McElroy | Post Sound Mixer: Jason Neumann

empty place.png


A suitcase tries to leave its surroundings but soon realizes that something has made it heavy.

Director/Writer: Hedieh Ataeian



When a cunning double agent is caught, she’s thrown into a psychedelic journey and forced to grapple with a life of deceit and the monsters lurking in the shadows.

Director/Writer: Tristan Krebs | Producer: Myrta Vida | Writer/Producer: Tess Krebs 



Raheel , an Afghan national, has illegally traveled to Iran to look for her husband, but there comes up some problems that leave her no hope to move ahead.

Director/Writer: Ayat Asadirahbar | Music by: Pedram Jirawand | Edited by: Pourya Ovsati | Director of Photography: Majid Yazdani | Makeup Artist: Fereshteh Setvat

Cast: Darya Azimi & Majid Seyfi



One man’s descent into confusion as he searches for connection and direction in an apathetic world. Trying to reconcile what he sees and what he believes. Where can he turn? Who can he trust?

Writer/Lead Actor/Co-Director/Producer: Tony DiMurro | Co-Director/Editor/Score: Julie DiMurro

The Program Poster.jpg


A combat veteran struggles as a private investigator and finds himself at the mercy of a cult-militia.

Director/Writer: Oliver T. Nguyenn | Producer: Mico Montes

B L O C K   T H R E E

À   L A   C A R T E   E X C E L L E N C E

AutoCorrect poster final.jpg


*An apologetic, self-doubting actor of color strives for visibility with a harried, big-shot white director who just wants to enjoy her lunch.

Writer/Co-Director/Lead Actor/Editor: Anu Bhatt | Co-Director: Priyanka Shetty

Cast: Anu Bhatt & Elizabeth B. Bates

Coincidences poster.JPG


Cosmic coincidence meets human tragedy.

Creator: Neil Needleman

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 1.38.42 PM.png


Abigails father, a mad scientist, has escaped from prison. And is paying her a visit.

Director/Producer/DP: Mark Hensley | Co-Producer/Set Dress: Katy Mahard

Cast: Katy Mahard & Jack Merrill

How Long Will You Sleep-8.png


About consciousness, love and the filmy air of eternity, How Long Will You Sleep is a short poetic film inspired by a troubled meditation on a medieval saint and her mystical practices.

Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/Voiceover: Marilyn Freeman



When two musicians face the hell of their artistic minds; anxiety, procrastination, ambition and the search for recognition will work against them to find their true selves.

Director / Writer: Jose Terreros | Director of Photography: Emilio Garcia

monster in a box.png


He did it for the role. When carnival hucksters pull their act in the wrong town they get help from the most unlikely of performers.

Director: Noah Weisel (Thomas Farm Films Inc.)

my partner giraffe.png


A bookstore that makes money in an unusual way A person notices this unusual business and asks the bookseller for a ransom in exchange for not revealing it. The bookseller and his wife decide to get rid of him.
It should also be noted that the opening sequence of the film is a long take without a cut.

Director: Salaheddin Noori

Kitteh Poster Final.jpg


A woman escapes real life by playing a VR figure skating game, "Quarantine Valentine" powered by EDM artist, "Kitteh x Kitteh". As the virtual and physical realms blur, she experiences failure, success, and falls in love with her virtual opponent.

Director: Dimitra Korri | Producer: Nicholas Kuznacic

Rainbow Poster.jpg


Rainbow is a fabulous film that confronts the cultural backdrop of the Chinese taboo that forbids dialog about poverty or financial want, in this tale of love, learn, enlightenment, creativity, and growth, two children discover a way to give a Mother's Day gift beyond the value of money.

Director/Writer/Character & Environmental Designer/Animator/Editor: Hui Tan

Sound & Music Creator: Walter Santucci

Super Inappropriate poster.jpg


When a group of unethical people with superpowers are forced into mandated group therapy, can they overcome their own petty needs to truly become superheroes?

Director: Tehana Weeks | Actress/Writer/Executive Producer: Dawn Grabowski | Actress / Assistant Director: Allyson Sereboff  | Producer / Actor / Assistant Director: Whit Spurgeon | Writer / Actor / Editor: Michael Beardsley | Writer: Melanie Collup | Director of Photography: Phillip Darlington Music Supervisor: Keith Tyler | Actress: Meredith Thomas

Uncut Poster.jpeg


After the New Republic Patriot Party seizes control in America , and passes a law requiring all males over 35 to have a vasectomy to keep the number of babies with birth defects down, Jamie decides to flee to Canada on the eve of his 35th birthday.

Director: Mark Hensley | Cinematographer: Srushti Kalse

B L O C K   F O U R

U N T A M E D   S H O R T S   1

A Sober Dance - Poster_0.33x.png


After standing trial for the murder of his unit, a mentally unstable soldier is exiled to the front lines of an otherworldly war. His harrowing journey is made worse, by the constant flippancy of his mysterious companion; a macabre musician with a dark sense of humour. The pair set off to the end of the world and to the heart of a war, that has already taken so much of the soldier's sanity.

Writer/Director/Producer: Owen Hurrell | Co-Director/Producer: Ed Kitchen | 1st AD/Producer: James M.C. Weight

eeling poster 2021_A2_v1_.jpg


A discontented and apathetic young rural woman spends her days renovating the country villa she shares with her often absent husband. A regular attempt to capture eels for their dinner-plates creates an encounter between the woman and an eel. One night the eel crawls into her bed and, sensing her loneliness, makes love to her. Incapable of understanding his wife’s overwhelming connection with the eels, her husband kills her lover. Unable and unwilling to forget this mystic affair she is drawn to the eels’ riverbed, where she chooses to join them.

Director: Peter McCully | Producer: Maile Daugherty | Cinematographer: Leon Narbey | Art Director: Brent Hargreaves | Music Composer: Andrew McDowall

Angkasa Legacy


An Indonesian man discovers he has extraterrestrial abilities when a friend dies in his arms.

Writer/Director: Soma Helmi | Lead Actor/Producer: Yoshi Sudarso | Line Producer: Steven Yee | Director of Photography: Kayla Hoff | Producer: Abby Latip




Set in the microcosm of a remote home, two siblings are left to live alone after being abandoned by their parents. A peculiar pair of strangers arrive, calling themselves their “Uncles.” At first the Uncles are caring, but they subtly manipulate the children until the household devolves into chaos. The children are eventually muzzled, starved, and enslaved to serve the devious desires of the Uncles. After a catastrophic event, one of the children decides to take action to attempt to overthrow the Uncles’ power.

Co-Director/Writer/DP: John Coates | Co-Director/VFX Supervisor: Steven Spencer | Lead Actor: Jimmy Doom | Producer/1st Assistant Director: Victoria Richards | Producer/2nd Assistant Director: Grace Clemmensen

B L O C K   F I V E

C I N E C O P I A   1  

BG_final poster_2MB.jpg


Seven-year-old Bananas Girl asserts her independence, perfects the art of the non-sequitur and navigates the boundaries between herself and her mom.

Producer/Director/Editor: Shayna Connelly | Director of Photography: Justin Jones

bothered desktop small poster.jpg

BOTHERED - EP 2.4 "Texting 101"& EP 2.7 "All My Exes Live In Texas"


Jenn and Eddie are two friends navigating dating, social media, and political correctness in a pandemic and they are... BOTHERED!


Writer / Lead Actor / Producer: Julie Phillips | Actor / Director: Steph Martinez | Actor: Emerson Niemchick



Richard Tye “Trigga” Simmons, a rich, promiscuous, jet-setting rapper, has a one-night stand with a beautiful groupie who happens to be a witch. When Tye disrespects her, she places a "penis curse" that cock blocks him until he learns how to respect women.

Director: Shequeta Smith | Producer: Mingzhu "Rachel" Ye | Producer/Star: Curtis Hamilton

Helping Amy


A chance encounter begins a close relationship between two women - a pregnant, unhoused teenager, Amy, and an older woman, Marla. Trust between them starts to unravel after Amy has her child but tests positive for drugs.

Director/Writer: Sharon Mooney | Producer: Vanessa Newell | Producer: Julia Brauner



‘How to Hack Birth Control,’ is a 3-segment pilot of the satire series, ‘How to Hack’ by Sassy Mohen. The pilot focuses on how to navigate and take charge in today’s contraception universe. Told through the sharp wit and perk charm of the narrator Ruth, Birth Control takes a run at ’not supposed to talk about’ scenarios and answers all the questions women truly want to know but are taught to be too afraid to ask.

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Sassy Mohen | Lead, Ruth the Narrator: Xanthe Paige | Producer: Steve Cubine | Actor, "Wendy", Associate Producer: Lauren Elizabeth Harris | Actor, "Noah," Executive Producer: Vince Yearly

THE BLUE CAPE_poster.jpg


In hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, medicine can be hard to come by. A little boy has to grow beyond his limits if he is to help his grandfather.

Writer/Director: Alejandra López 

Wherever You Go Vertical Poster.png


When Debargo inexplicably bolts from the party where he and Kevin have just met and hit it off, Kevin gamely follows along. The two encounter (and flee) a number of antagonists - a cop, an ex, a bratty kid and his entitled mom - building friendship along the way, but when they run into Debargo's cousin and Kevin learns why they've been running this whole time, Debargo runs away from him too. Kevin follows and helps Debargo find a bit more peace with the fact that wherever you go . . . there you are.

Writer/Director/Producer: Eevin Hartsough | Co-Producer: Katie Rosin | Editor: Michael Gurfield | Lead Actor: Kevin R. Free | Lead Actor: Imran Sheikh

B L O C K   S I X

B A G   O F   S W A G   1



D, a teenage girl used to living with her single dad, encounters his one night stand, triggering unexpected feelings.

Director/Writer/Co-Producer: Christine Zivic | Producer: Rob Harrington | Producer: Isaac Werner | Cinematographer: Leo Sfeir | Production Designer: Dorrin Shahsavari | Composer: Alexander Zhu | Post Production Supervisor: Marilyne Lamontagner | Illustrator: Valentin Nguyen | Colorist: Gabriela Spampinato

HER FALSE SELF Movie Poster - Final - New New New (1).jpg



While investigating an internet-based new age healer, a journalist realizes he has brought his editor into her line of destruction. She has been driving her female followers to commit suicide.

Director/Writer: Rachel Mason | Producer: Eric Kochmer | Producer: Scarlett Redmond | Producer: Amir Arison


Cast: Amir Arison, Buck Angel, Jane Cantillon, Sapna Gandhi, Juliette Jeffers, Scarlett Redmond, Eric Michael Kochmer, Rachel Mason, Isabel Monk Cade, Mishelle Moross, Destinee Stewart, Rain Valdez, Gina Wong

halo immolation.png


In a confessional booth, a troubled man confronts the priest whom he believes baptized him when he was an infant.

Producer / Writer / Lead Actor: Michael Klug | Director / Producer / DP / Editor: Neal Tyler | Producer / Audio Mixer / Asst. Camera: Greg Schmittel | Actor "Priest / Score by: Daniel Alexander | Executive Producer / Production Design: Elwood Leguillou

Love-is-a-Fire_PosterFINAL-no laurels_3x.jpg


Soon after moving in together, a couple is forced to confront their challenges with intimacy, exacerbated by a toxic yeast infection and deep rooted insecurities, as their relationship slowly devolves.

Director/Writer: Sofie Somoroff | Producer: Ishi Metkar | Producer: Russell Goldman 


Cast: Celina Bernstein & Kenny Yates




Based on their play "Lavender Men," playwright-performer Roger Q. Mason explores questions of identity and vicious cycles of addiction in their short film Taffeta. As a toxic phone sex relationship spirals out of control, the titular Taffeta must confront whether they will be able to break out of the destructive habits and crippling loneliness that have haunted their life.

Director/Producer: Lovell Holder | Writer/Producer/Cast: Roger Q. Mason

These Bodies



In a meditative collision of sound and color, a pair of young women wander through a world beset by an ominous, omnipresent doom. A powerful bond forms as the pair flee through the woods and traverse a deserted countryside in search of refuge. As they linger on what's been lost to the end of time and profess their love for each other, everything stops…

Director/Writer/Editor: Matthew Strasburger | Cinematographer: Jordan Breedlove | Composer/Sound Designer: Alex Jacobsen

To Fondle Nothing



Charles Bukowski meets Lewis Carroll in this direct-address rendering of a work of rhymed and metered, borderline-nonsense verse.

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Actor, Original Soundtrack: Charles Leggett 

Un-Tidal Poster.jpg


An experimental film essay about a found (stolen?) photograph, a hurricane, and film’s inherent ability to animate and re-animate still, dead, and inanimate beings, images, and objects. The film is created using an ink-jet direct-on-film technique where the digital frame is printed directly onto recycled 16mm celluloid.

Director/Writer/Producer: Masha Vlasova

B L O C K   S E V E N

F U N N Y   H A H A   &   F U N N Y    W E I R D

Au79 Poster Vertical.png


An experimental film essay about a found (stolen?) photograph, a hurricane, and film’s inherent ability to animate and re-animate still, dead, and inanimate beings, images, and objects. The film is created using an ink-jet direct-on-film technique where the digital frame is printed directly onto recycled 16mm celluloid.

Directot: Rafael Hovhannisyan | Producer: Narek Nazaryan | Director of Photography: Sahak Manvelyan | Production Sound Mixer: David Davtyan | Film Composer: Artur Kocharyan | Film Composer: Narek Grigoryan 

Cast: Gevorg Dodozyan, Mane Minasyan, Vahagn Gasparyan

Stream of Consciousness Poster.jpeg


Stream of Consciousness follows the first date of Cole and Megan. As the date progresses we watch Cole struggle with his self doubt, personified incessantly through his reflection talking to him. As the date moves forward, Cole’s insecurities put any potential relationship at risk, only to be saved by another surprising voice.

Director/Writer: Jesse Shore | Producer: Jehong (Joseph) Park | Producer: Michael Villucci | Cinematographer: Amanda Lettieri | Visual Effects: Anthony Plantyn | Composer: Jack Shore

Cast: Caleb Vasquez & Miranda LeeAnn

The Long Weekend


Brothers, Mike and Nick, spread the ashes of a dead friend on their annual camping trip. They learn more and more about each other as the weekend grows longer.

Director/Writer/Producer: David Dawson | Writer/Photographer: Kyle Owen | Audio: Brian Wilson

Cast: Mike Miller & Nicholas Stange

Zip Dagger Show


Things are not as they seem, nor are they otherwise. Feed your head.

Director/Producer: Mark Towns

B L O C K   E I G H T

H I G H   N O O N   H I J I N K S

Aida Poster 3 LoRes Web.png


A song before you wake. A young mother is stuck between development and decay. Desperate to connect, she strikes a chord that links to the deepest parts of our memory.

Director/Writer/Producer: Christopher W. Graham | Lead Actress/Producer: Kiko Wilson | Producer: Joseph Arney



Let the music tell the story. In this intense silent film, embellished with a soundtrack that is dripping with heavy bass and lyrics, watch two best friends make perilous decisions to make money for rent.

Director/Writer/Producer/Lead: Brandon Smallwood

Enjoying A Nice Life


A collection of animated sketches from my sketchbook 2017-2020. 

Director/Producer/Animator: Rainbow Timothy




A child is being tormented by a voracious well demanding food from him. But as he proves unable to satisfy its hunger, he drags himself to find another way of feeding it.

Director/Writer: Carlos Melendez | Producer: Mar Mercado | Associate Producer: Tim Luna | Director of Photography: Arturo Chu | Editor: Freddy Noriega | Music: Dan Zlotnik




When dysfunctional Ray walks in on her perfect best friend Cora trying to kill herself, secrets are revealed and humor is found in unexpected places. A dark comedy exploring the themes of postpartum depression and female friendship.

Director/Writer/Producer: Peter McCully

B L O C K   N I N E

T H E   D O C S   W I L L   S E E   Y O U   N O W

Black Daddy


Any man can father a child, but it takes a real man to raise one.

Black Daddy: The Movie is a beautiful and captivating display of storytelling by black men as they journey through deep dialogue around experiencing fatherhood in America as well as their own experiences with their fathers. It is a very sacred space for the culture that was curated with the hopes that these type of conversations will become contagious throughout our communities and that the film will become the start of a necessary work as black men and even black women take to the forefront in their own healing.

Producer/Director/Film Score: Damon Jamal Taylor | Director of Photography/ Principle Editor: Salvatore Fullmore | Camera Operator/ Secondary Editor: Darius Riley | Operations: Leilani Amolo

Hostages 3



A child is being tormented by a voracious well demanding food from him. But as he proves unable to satisfy its hunger, he drags himself to find another way of feeding it.

Producer/Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Performer/Musical Score: Bonita Oliver | Executive Producer: Hajnal Pivnick | Executive Producer: Dorian Wallace

B L O C K   E L E V E N

F R I E N D S   A N D   N E I G H B O R S

Brando's Spoon.jpg



Two brothers at odds bicycle across New York City in hopes of locating a beloved family heirloom.

Director: Mac Brydon | Writer, Actor: Jane Cortney | Cinematographer: Peter Pavlakis | Music: Askold Buk

Cast: William Tatlock Green & Earle Hugens

Changing Lanes - Poster V2 - WeMakeMoviesIntlFF - Portrait.jpeg



Kelly Lane, a social media influencer who makes content with her husband, attempts to continue creating content after her husband leaves her for another woman. Through a series of posts, she starts to change - will her followers accept this new Lane?


Producer/Director/Editor: Carl Hansen | Producer/Actor: Jen Eldridge | Writer: Meghan Malone

Mamma Wanna



Two sisters, one terminally ill, want to live life to the fullest and bring their mother into their shenanigans.


Writer/Director/Producer/Actor: Felicia Hom | Director/Producer: Tehana Weeks

The Calvin Lewis Bobby Mayfair Show(s)


With the glut of television talk shows, THE CALVIN LEWIS BOBBY MAYFAIR SHOW[S] imagines what would transpire if two talk shows were forced to share the same studio.


Producer/Co-director/Writer/Actor: Will Clinger | Co-director: Steve Avery

The Love Monster


If you fall in love, it will eat your life. Michelle and Randy are at a point in their relationship where it's time to share their deepest, darkest secrets and hope they will accept each other for who they really are.


Director/Writer/Actor: David Beatty | Actor/Producer: Julie Phillips | Actor / 2nd Camera: Emerson Niemchick | Composer: Pietro Milanesi | Voice Actor: Patrick Duncan | Actor: Amy Cosby



A Dean Martin "Wanna-be" lands in trouble when a Mafia/Columbian drug deal goes wrong.

Producer/Writer/Director: Anthony Di Pietro | Director Of Photography: Anthony Sherritt | Editor/Sound Design: Corey Hudson | Composer: Erick McNerny

Yes, Who, I Love You Too Poster 2.png


In the employee break room of A&C Sporting Goods, Heather enlists the help of her co-worker Stephanie in preparing for Music Trivia Night at her local bar. Misunderstandings between the Millennial and the Gen Xer as they discuss songs and artists from the 70's and 80's lead to hilarious confusion and frustration in this homage to Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First."

Writer/Producer/Lead Actor: Melanie Collup | Actor: Andrea Geones

Untitled design (8).png


WMM’s Smartphone Studio students from Haiti created this story about a young man named Michel who is passionate about computer science. One day he finds a box with AR glasses that force him to play a very serious game. 

Writer/Director/VFX Artist: Joseph Kendy | Actor: Kenderson Chere | Voice: Magda Chery 

B L O C K   T W E L V E

F E A T U R E D   F E A T U R E   a n d   a   C H E R R Y   O N   T O P 

I Was Never Here


Sofia works in cyber-security for the corrupt mayor of Los Angeles. When she receives a mysterious message from her future self, she must choose whether or not to intervene and potentially alter the fate of the city.

Actor/Writer/Producer: Sharilyn Vera | Director: Marissa High | Producer: Shereen Lani Younes 

Smile Or Hug Poster.jpg


After being dumped on her 30th birthday, Trish Santos works through her loneliness and anxiety with help from her online art students, her two best friends, and a box of homemade self-help tapes given to her by the mysterious “mind painter” Doc Garcia. “Smile or Hug” is a dramatic-comedy with fantastical elements, absurd humor, and a deep empathy for its flawed-yet-lovable characters in the vein of early John Hughes films.

Director/Co-Writer/DP/Editor/Producer: Paul Sprangers | Lead Actor/Co-Writer/Producer: Chelsea Javier | Producer: Carlo Cosio | Producer: Selena Leoni

Starring: Chelsea Javier & Danny Trejo

B L O C K   T H I R T E E N

U N T A M E D   S H O R T S   2




Olivia, a trainee professional, finds herself opposing the government that is seeking to criminalise her mother. Asunder offers an intricate story about family, politics and justice.

Writer/Director: Janet Marrett | Director: Marissa High | Producer: Shereen Lani Younes 



When dysfunctional Ray walks in on her perfect best friend Cora trying to kill herself, secrets are revealed and humor is found in unexpected places. A dark comedy exploring the themes of postpartum depression and female friendship.

Director: Sonia Sawkar

Michalyn Killian in FOUND. Cinematography by Jeanette Li..png


Tabitha is stuck between two worlds. When the Artistic Director of her theatre company tokenizes her for his Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiative, she faces her reality of living in two skins as a Korean adoptee.

Writer/Director: Reena Dutt | Producer/"Tabitha": Michalyn Steiner | Producer: Vincent Hoai Pham | Cinematographer: Jeanette Li | Composer: Jonathan Chau | Editor: Faroukh Virani | Production Designer: Julisa Wright | Colorist: Jesse Glucksman | Digital VFX Artist: Lex Benedict

Joan Jonas


A woman discovers that her is about to be devoured inside out by a plague of small lobsters. A studio audience alternatively cheers and boos as the lobsters prepare to enter her mouth.

Director/Writer/Producer/Performer/Editor: Anya Liftig

Sunflower Movie Poster_Final copy.jpeg


A teenage girl struggling with self-esteem issues based on her skin color, learns to regain her confidence with the help of an unexpected friend.

Director/Writer/Producer: Elizabeth Tawose | Producer: Eddie Musa | Producer: Sarah Gray | Producer: Oluwaseyi Adeleke | Editor: Phillip Welch | Director of Photography: Christian Wilson

Poster The Last Knock.png


John (Mark Banks), seemingly the last man on Earth, floats through the dreamscape that is now the world in ruination. The Last Knock sits poignantly in the space between trance-like isolation and heightened nostalgia, all disrupted by the unsettling intuition of knowing you are not alone. Often times transcending the point of delusion and human solitude; this meditation on sentimentality and purpose follows John through his bygone memories and into a poetic and dystopic reality.

Director/Writer: Miguel Moreno

B L O C K   F O U R T E E N

S T A Y   U P   L A T E

collage 26.png


Video Art

Director/Writer: Luis Carlos Rodríguez



Four friends leave Seattle for a weekend in a remote, rain-soaked corner of Washington State's rustic Skagit Valley. The foreboding October landscape begins to warp their minds, plunging each of them into alternate realities where they must grapple with personal demons, sexual tensions, and a sinister natural world as they claw their way back to sanity.

Writer/Director/Co-Producer/Editor: Nick Thompson | Producer: Leah Trangen | Associate Producer: Tracey Breese | Associate Producer: Hailey Williams | Executive Producer: Rachel Price | Director of Photography: Alexander Lenzi | Production Designer: Stephanie Pieper | Sound Designer/Mixer: Lorenzo Rossi | Composer: Kevin Middleton 

B L O C K   S I X T E E N

B A G   O F   S W A G   2



Leila is a fledgling standup comedian rehearsing her new material on Asian fetishization, bullies turned foodies, and her immigrant mother’s overbearing expectations—but when a storm cloud of insecurities roll in before open mic night, she must confront her darkest demons and reclaim her artistic identity before it’s too late.

Writer/Director: Alberta Poon | Writer/Star: Katie Nguyen



In the midst of a pandemic, a man begins building strange things in his garage.

Director/DP: Truman Hatfield




Here & There explores the universal balancing act of duty to one’s family and duty to oneself. Where does one draw the boundary between sacrifice and self-preservation? No matter one’s age, race, religion, or gender, these questions will come up in everyone’s life – whether inspired by death or less final circumstances - and there is never an obvious answer.

Writer / Executive Producer:  Bill Ferris | Director: Krista Amigone | Producer: Steven LaMorte | Director of Photography: Katie Eleneke | Assistant Director: Stephanie Bates | Editor: Mathew Roscoe | Composer: Miriam Mayer | Sound Designer: Jason Stare

Cast: Bill Ferris & Jennie Fahn

Huge Movie Poster #1.jpg


After Paloma receives a seemingly innocent drawing from a friend's kid, her self image crumbles - causing distrust and paranoia between her and those she loves.

Director/Actor/Executive Producer: Danny Farber | Writer/Actress/Executive Producer: Paloma Nozicka | Line Producer: Vance Smith | Director of Photography: Gelareh Siavash | Editor: Zoé Kraft | Production Designer: Megan Brasfield | Costume Designer: Nandi Mudiwa King

man down.png



After the racially charged shooting of an unarmed teenager, an officer of color must decide whether to stand on the side of the law or seek justice for his community.

Director: Jonathan Rowan




Marilyn Monroe finds herself homeless during the pandemic and hits up her old friend, an apartment manager, for some temporary shelter.


Writer/Director/Producer & Lead: Kelly Mullis | Actor: Wayne Orkline

Mustache Club Poster 5.22.22.png



Hey. Sweet stache, bro. A secret society is among us. Do you have what it takes? A man weighs his fortune and future... On a club that may or may not exist.


Creator/Actor: Jack Zullo | Director: Devin Caldarone




Isabella's life is flipped upside down after a chance meeting with a Bruja (Witch).


Director/Producer: Sylvia Ray | Actor/Writer/Producer: Marco Parra

poster_somewhere in the milky way.jpg


When astronaut Dr. Arney wakes up from hibernation, she finds herself on the unknown planet; she starts her search for a human life-form anywhere in the Universe. Somewhere in the Milky Way is a short animation, in the genre of cosmic horror, inspired by Fredric Brown's Knock.

Director/Writer: Mariya Pyter

That Darn Girlfriend - tricks & treats.jpg


An homage to classic 1960s/70s sitcoms! Live-in couple Valerie and Vic host a variety of Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night.

Director/Lead/Co-writer/Co-Producer: William Joseph Hill | Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Lead: Pamela Hill

Waiting for the Punchline Poster-1.jpg



This short film follows Christy, a girl from the Midwest who moves to L.A. to surprise her comedian boyfriend only to find him with another girl. Now she has to find a new path for herself all while imagining murdering her ex.


Writer/Lead Actor/Producer: Christina Marie Leonard



Returning home late at night after class, a woman finds her partner at the mercy of a desperate burglar. But all is not as it seems.


Director/Producer/DP: Mark Hensley

B L O C K   E I G H T E E N

V O Y E U R S   U P   C L O S E 

Jack Made A Play...



Jack Zullo develops and performs about John Belushi in New York. The lines between idol and ego, life imitating art and art imitating life, and vision and delusion are blurred in this documentary that is part raw and earnest and part gritty mayhem.

Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Eric Michael Kochmer 

B L O C K   N I N E T E E N

C I N E C O P I A   2



Forgotten folk singer Lena Black releases her song, Charlotte, in 1971. Fifty years later, the pop singer T.Y.M. releases a highly-successful cover. "Charlotte" follows the fall-out of this pop song on the lives of the Black family, including Lena Black, her daughter Diane, and her 11-year-old grandson, Eli.

Director/Writer/Animator: Zach Dorn | Puppet Fabrication: Oliver Levine | Assistant Production Design: Phoebe Jane Hart

Copper & Wool


The week before her Orthodox Jewish wedding, Elisheva escapes to a rented room in the hills outside of Los Angeles to clear her head. While dodging calls from her mother and fiancé, Elisheva begins to form a life-changing bond with Meredith, the eccentric divorcee who owns the house she’s staying in.

Director/Executive Producer/Story/Editor: Tyler C. Peterson | Cinematographer/Executive Producer/Story: Amanda Ferrarese | Producer: Mei Lin Lau Mann | Actor/Story: Molly Shayna Cohen | Actor/Story: Susan Louise O'Connor



When a stranger appears in Grace's life with disturbing news about her long-lost birth mother, she must fight to untangle herself from a dangerous and sinister plan.

Writer/Director/"Grace": Faryl Amadeus | Cinematographer: Julia Swain | Producer: Nell Teare | Producer: Elizabeth Mihelich | "Dom": Clint Jordan

selected milk - the film - concept - vertical.jpg


Not everyone qualifies as a supermarket packaged milk salesperson. Selected Milk (Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized) is in the form of a manual for sellers of milk cartons in supermarkets. Meanwhile, the scenes reflect the flashes of life of a potential seller who does not meet the conditions of a milk carton salesman.

Director: Jose Luis Ducid | Producer/Director/Composer: Alfonso Camarero | Director/Photography: Maria Meseguer

Lizard Laughed


Based on the acclaimed indie comic from Noah Van Sciver (Fante Bukowski, The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln), this is the bitterly comedic story of an unreliable father doing the absolute least he can to reconnect with his estranged son during a hike to see The Laughing Lizard rock formation.

Director: Allen Cordell | Featuring: Sky Elobar & Jared Boghosian

B L O C K   T W E N T Y

S A T U R D A Y   N I G H T   S P E C I A L S

Made Bed Poster_Web Poster copy.jpg


After escaped convicts hold her family hostage, a young girl learns the importance of enunciation.

Director/Writer: Elizabeth Serra | Producer: Amanda Serra | Editor/DIT/Wardrobe/Set Dresser/VFX: Victoria Serra | Director of Photography: Jennifer Hook | 1st Assistant Director: Karina Farah | 2nd Assistant Director: Diane Musselman

collage 38.png



Collage 38.2 is an Intervention (construction / deconstruction), in the form of an audiovisual collage, on the film in the public domain: Of Human Bondage (1934) by John Cromwell-

Director: Luis Carlos Rodríguez

Distant Mirror



Mirror is a magical realist, inner drama about a soldier who, when negotiating a minefield steps on a landmine and in his inner turmoil, he imagines he encounters a mirror that is a gateway into one very specific memory.

Director: Alican Durbaş | Producer: İpek Erden | Cinematographer: Barış Aygen | Main Actor: Emrullah Çakay

Ivar Tunnel: Shook Ones


A ping from a neighborhood watch app reveals what a young black woman had feared: She is not welcome here.

Writer/Director/Producer: Akilah 'AK' Walker | Producer: Leon Pierce Jr. | Producer: Diana Gonzalez-Morett | Cinematographer: Sandra Garcia | Editor: Kristan Sprague

mauthaus poster.PNG


A poetic trip to afterlife. When mental illness manifests itself in physical pain, a young woman's death wish comes true. Wandering in the pre-death antichamber, her soul encounters another dead one who already knows the rules of this toll house (from old German "Maut"). By activating echoes of physical senses they find her "skinsack" but the abandoned body is not ready to give up.

Director/Writer/Lead Actor/Editor: Betty Kaplan | Cinematographer/VFX/Colorist: Raphael Federer | Sound Designer: Husain Abul | Sound Recordist/Composer: Alex Acevedo

Cast: Betty Kaplan, Lena Castrup, Robin Leo Hoffmann

Part Forever Poster_0603.jpg


In the dark hall, candles flickered faintly. A body lay in the middle of the hall. Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung came to say goodbye to Huei’s dearest sister. The seemingly calm and sad farewell ceremony seemed to hide an astonishing and dark secret...

Director/Writer: Alan Chung An Ou | Producer: Juliane Lin

PRIVOKE Movie Poster -2.jpg


Stevie, a dark skinned “color obsessed” black woman, allows her insecurity to prevail and this unlocks an evil ancestral spirit to feed her darkest fears.

Director/Exec. Producer: Bernadette Speakes | Executive Producer: Sharar Ali-Speakes | Writer/Associate Producer: Yolanda T. Ross | Cinematographer: Dave Perry | First AD: Jamal Y. Speakes, Sr. | Gaffer: Ace Fillmore | First AC: Fernanda Zaragoza | Second AC: Jocelyn Vega | Sound: Timothy "TZ" Hall | Editor/VFX: Jamil Jones

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A woman uses her last fifteen dollars to buy a ring of cocktail shrimp and glitter.


Director/Writer/Performer/Editor: Anya Liftig

SUN TEA film by Charise Sowells POSTER straight.jpg


Dr. Allen isn't what he seems. This unassuming gynecologist is lonely. The only company he keeps is the voice inside his head.

Director/Writer/Camera Operator/Producer/Actor/Editor/Foley/Actor: Charise Sowells

B L O C K   T W E N T Y - O N E

M I D N I G H T   R A D N E S S




Los Angeles, 1954. When a washed up detective takes a case searching for a reporter’s missing sister, he discovers solving the mystery of her disappearance is the key uncovering the source of the zombie outbreak - and saving the city!

Director/Producer: Steven LaMorte

Mad Chicken



The narcissistic CEO of a fast food franchise is kidnapped by a sadistic under lord and forced to perform a dreadful act to become something more than he ever imagined.

Director/Writer/Actor/Producer: Moe Irvin | Producer/Actor: Aliah Whitmore Seavey | Producer/Actor: Dustin Seavey | Cinematographer: Horacio Martinez | Production Designer: Jacob Whitmore | SFX Makeup: Emma Campbell | Costume Designer: Yuan Yuan Liang

B L O C K   T W E N T Y - T W O

S U N D A Y   I N S P I R A T I O N S